NanoZone is exclusive and official distributor of nanoYo in EU

We are proud to be the pioneer and the foremost enterprises in the field of green technology through continuous research and development for environmental harmonious photo-catalytic products – the frontier quantum design of Super Nano Titanium Dioxide and photo-catalysis technology.

We provide our customers with the utmost photo-catalysts coating application, technique, partnership opportunities, and above all, our environmental harmonious technology.

TiZonic in its super-small state, exhibits unusual properties that carry super powerful photocatalystic effects.

Thus whole new industries are arising from the application of TiZonic.

TiZonic’s special properties are being exploited in a new dimension for a healthy human environment.


TiZonic’s super powerful Photocatalyst, is activated by all kinds of light and produces a super strong oxidative property on its surface.

These surface oxidative property’s decomposes and removes all harmful organic chemical substances, virus, bacteria, and molds.

TiZonic is utilized to create an all-natural safety shied on all surfaces for a healthy life style.

TiZonic is environmental friendly, keeps air freshness and protects surface from bio contamination.

TiZonic used on surfaces to create an all-natural safety shied on all surfaces for a healthy life style.

TiZonic is environmental friendly, promotes air freshness, and protect from surface bio contaminates.

Our mission at NanoZone Co. Ltd is to provide our product, Super Nano Titanium Dioxide, and frontier photo-catalyst technologies for purification, hygiene, cleaning, preservation, and contribute our technology and the environmental harmonic photo-catalyst titanium dioxide solution to remove environmental contaminants so that our technology can help preserve and clean our environment.

TiZonic super properties:


  • Anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-virus
  • Improvement of indoor air quality
  • Deodorant
  • Self-cleaning
  • Easy-cleaning
  • Water purification
  • Long lasting
  • Pure Titanium Dioxide
  • No chemical binder
  • Water based and natural mineral
  • Transparent, environmental friendly

TiZonic, a clear liquid containing super fine particle of Titanium Dioxide, was developed in Japan and now marketed all over the world.

TiZonic, Super Powerful Photocatalystic Agent

TiZonic, super powerful Photocatalyst, is activated by any kind of light and produces super strong oxidativ property on its surface. The surface decomposes and removes any kind of harmful organic chemical substances, virus, bacteria, mold touching it by contact.

TiZonic is utilized to create our natural safety shield on any surface of our life. TiZonic is environmental friendly, keep air freshness and protect surface bio contamination.

Due to the incredibly small size of our nanoparticles, it is important that it is applied correctly. For larger sites, we utilize our portable electrostatic sprayer that delivers particle sizes down to 5 microns. By charging the particles as they leave the sprayer, our TiZonic TiO2 adheres to surfaces that a normal sprayer would have difficulty reaching. This is very important in ensuring all surfaces are benefitting from the photocatalytic action of TiO2. Any building or vehicle that suffers from VOCs, odours, mould, fungi or bacteria issues is a prime candidate for TiZonic TiO2 nanocoatings.

Means of transport of all shapes and sizes benefit from the application of TiZonic TiO2. Public transportation such as buses and taxis can act as incubators for germs and bacteria, putting riders at risk of illness. Smells and off-gassing from rubber and plastic components in most modern vehicles are reduced or eliminated by nanoYo's photocatalytic oxidation process. Air is cleaner, surfaces are cleaner, and riders feel better knowing they are in a self-cleaning vehicle. Who wouldn't want to drive a vehicle, bus, tram, taxi and soon the planethat self-cleans at the molecular level and provides cleaner air for driver and passengers?